We’re assigning a social rating to each commercial during 2013 Super Bowl.

Remember, it’s not about how interesting or viral the commercial is, but rather how well the commercial utilizes social media to activate, engage, and even reward the viewer.

Score Criteria Examples

The spot is traditional and makes no recognition that social media can be a logical and valuable next step.

  • No social notes, no nothing.
  • URL to a traditional website.
Socially Awkward

The spot is a traditional TV spot with no built-in social hook, but mentions the brand’s presence in social networks or goes so far to make the call to action to join or find the brand there. The key here is there is no real reason to do so, they’re just mentioning it.

  • “Find Us On Facebook”
  • Social Notes present.
  • “See all of our ads on Facebook”
  • A contest not mentioned during the spot but present on the Facebook tab.

The spot indicates awareness of the popularity of social networks, but fails to integrate any social program into the ad to make it a cross channel program.

  • Using YouTube footage or other social content in an ad.
  • Talking about or satirizing social networks.
  • Crowdsourcing the ad from social networks or owned properties.
  • “see what happens next”
  • Share this on FB.
Social Butterfly

The spot is an extension of a bigger campaign that intends to either heighten the brand experience through both broadcast and social channels or incentivize or reward the social spread of the message in social channels.

  • “Create Your Own…”
  • “What would your life look like in 3D, find out on FB…”
  • (possibly) teased campaigns that have multiple parts.
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